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What Some Are Saying About "Parenting An Athlete"

Parenting An Athlete

"I just wanted to tell you that I already read your book and it was so inspirational to me!! Thank you for sharing your experiences not only as a coach, but most importantly, as a parent when "parenting an athlete". Now that our boys are playing sports, we have witnessed from many parents these same attitudes and behaviors you wrote about and it's not pretty! This book certainly opened up my eyes to important lessons to teach our boys as they begin (and continue) their athletic career. There is no doubt that it will be a huge challenge for us as parents as we move ahead. My favorite chapter in your book was the last one, "Where is My Trophy?" What GREAT, thought-provoking questions!! It really put things--and life--into perspective for me. I cannot wait to pass this book on for many of my friends to read."

  Pitman, NJ

"As the father of three sons, all of whom play sports at different levels, I found that this book doesn't apply just to parents whose kids are talented athletes, it applies equally to whose kids are interested in science, the arts - just about anything really. I am recommending this to all of my friends. Well done and an easy read and so relevant to today's parenting."

  Sydney, Australia

"…youth sports have become an adult business from the pricey, big-name-coach summer camps; to the expensive, must-have athletic equipment; to the national tournaments; to the push to get junior “coached up” for an eventual Division One scholarship. Whenever something becomes a business, money talks, and in the case of youth sports, that means take cover, because parents want a return on their investment.

I have been waiting for someone to write a book about all of this, and finally someone has. Annette Reiter, the author of Parenting an Athlete (Tate, 2011), is uniquely qualified to analyze the games behind the games in today’s youth-sports world. She was a high school and college-basketball standout in a more innocent era. Then she went on to become a championship coach. But, most important, she is the parent of two daughters who competed at the high school, AAU, and college levels. She knows all the angles that are being played in today’s youth-sports scene and is not bashful about speaking with great honesty and concern about how everyone needs to step back and reevaluate what is in the best interests of the young student athlete.

This is not a lengthy book (95 pages), but that is one of its charms. All the best coaches I ever had were great at saying a lot with just a few words. That is exactly how I would describe Reiter’s style. Life’s not fair, she tells us, so deal with it."

-Will Manley
  "The Manley Arts column"
  Livermore, California

"I highly recommend this book for teachers and school administrators. When I started teaching I thought certification and a master’s degree in Education would prepare me for all the pitfalls and challenges. I was wrong. I wish I had this book then. "Parenting an Athlete" was an enjoyable read that made so many things more clear - not only for encouraging potential in all children (not just athletes) but in the essentials of dealing with parents. It is a great challenge for teachers - even those with children of their own - to look at their classroom from the perspective of dedicated and concerned parents. This book will be of enormous help to teachers from pre-k to 12th grade as well as school administrators. I have already passed it on to coaches and parents I know favorite teachers are next! "

  Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I related to and enjoyed your book...well done...unfortunately, those of us who have parented athletes have seen way too much of what your book points out. As a parent we have to be on our constant guard to check our motives, but oh how I related to so much of your story. I laughed and cried my way through it and I think it should be required reading for all parents of 6th grade athletes! (Because it seems that is the age that things get serious). I am sure many coaches would love to hand it out at their parent meetings, as would many refs I have met over the years!!!! I laughed when you pointed out that giving trophies to everyone just for being on the team dilutes the significance of a trophy. That reminded me of coaching the tiny soccer team there in Sewell and at the end of the season we had a pizza party for the team but we had learned that all of the other teams were giving kids trophies. Of course I asked the coach...”do you think we should also...will our kids feel left out?” to which he responded- “not everyone gets a don’t get one just for being on the team!!” I remember thinking...yikes you are tough...but also feeling he was absolutely right and the way you put it is dilutes the trophy’s significance!

I look back and see just how different being an athlete today is than when we were young...back in the 70’s. Keeping it all in the right perspective with our kids’ best interest in mind as you said then allows the wonderful lessons a team sport can provide. Your book was therapeutic as well as insightful for me..."

  Moorestown, NJ

"Not being a parent, but having attended MANY nieces/nephews soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball etc. from T-Ball to high school level, my biggest complaint was some of the obnoxious sideline parents; unfortunately some sweet parents became Jekyll & Hyde when it came to sports. I was embarrassed to be with them. I would have LOVED having Parenting an Athlete back then to give to them."

  Marlton, NJ

"Thanks for writing Parenting an Athlete. Your experiences plus your style makes for non-stop reading."

  Pitman, NJ

"...I especially like the part about making the kids accountable for themselves and that we as educators are doing them a disservice to 'sugar-coat' everything.... disappointment is the gateway to success...I had a teacher with whom I was really upset when a casting list was posted...I thought I should have gotten the part and I said to her that it wasn't fair.... her reply was, 'Kathy, sometimes life isn't fair and it is your job to accept that' I will never forget that.... I grew up after that.... if even just a little..."

-Kathy Henkel
  Former professional dancer and owner/artistic director of Kathy Henkel School of Dance

"Excellent book and a must read for any parent who has kids participating in sports or will have kids playing competitive sports. This is very valuable information for coaches who find themselves coaching their own kids as well"



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